Sing in Our Gospel Concert

On Sunday afternoon, April 16, at Luck Luthern Church, we'll sing an afternoon of Gospel Music. The program includes the chorus, member quartets, as well as special guests.

We need you to be part of that.

Men, women, old and young, we invite you to join us on the final four songs:

We'll spend 7-8pm on Mondays starting March 6 rehearsing these four numbers.
There's no cost, no further commitment, and you won't even need to memorize.
We provide sheet music and audio tracks to help all of our singers learn music outside of rehearsal.

Whether you've been planning to stop by for a long time, or had just got the idea this moment, this is the time to come out and make music!

You're Welcome Any and Every Monday!

Bright Knights in Siren serious business Find us Monday nights, from 7-9PM. Most nights we're in the Polk County Justice Center in Balsam Lake. Find this building at the west edge of town on the corner of 46 and County Road I. On the second Monday of each month, we meet at other spaces in and around Polk County. For more information, please contact us at or message us on Facebook.

Our members travel down from Webster, up from Osceola, in from Cumberland and Turtle Lake, and even from across the river in Minnesota. If you need a ride, we can do that.
For more information, please drop us a line.

We make an effort to post these changes to the public, but it never hurts to contact us first.

Indianhead Chorus at SCF


Visit us as often as you like. After you have been to at least three rehearsals, we invite you to try out to become an official member of the group.

Once you've decided to audition, we keep it short and sweet.


Indianhead Chorus in rehearsalOur rehearsal space is located in the Justice Center at Polk County plaza. Find us at the Southwest corner of Hwy 46 and County Road I in Balsam Lake. We meet in the Conference Room just off the main lobby. To the left as you enter.

Please note: This is not the large gray complex to the northeast of the Highway. That's the Government Center. The rehearsal facility is diagonally across the intersection.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thanks for visiting!